a little help for my friends


Friends, I know we are all feeling a little dizzy from this roller coaster of a year. It’s comforting that we’re coming together as communities to help each other, creating handmade signs to offer hope to one another, children are decorating our sidewalks with encouragement, being conscientious and social distancing not just for ourselves but for the more vulnerable. This is what's happening and it's inspiring to see fellow humans come to the aid of others. I'm humbled daily by the stories of our Healthcare workers, first-responders, Police, grocery store clerks, delivery drivers, postal carriers, sanitation workers, people on the front lines still working for the betterment of our society and just generally kind people doing small but impactful things for the comfort of others.

During this time, many of us may struggle with a sense of purpose or if what we're doing matters. I believe it does matter. Whatever you're doing right now matters. Things that seemed trivial a couple months ago are important. Saying hi to neighbors, calling mom, sending a note to co-worker or friend, these connections are important. We want to help you stay connected to friends and family while social distancing.

For the month of April, or as long as Chicago's Shelter in Place, we'd like to help you, if we can.

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If you need us to mail a card direct, we will!
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I miss all our amazing customers and hope to see you all soon! For now, stay safe. Stay home. Stay healthy. Together we'll get through this.

Storefront Temporarily Closed for COVID-19

Letterpress Fans, in an effort to be socially conscious and help flatten the curve, we are temporarily closing our shop to the public as of March 18, 2020 until further notice. Please note, we are still accepting orders, printing and shipping.

Our online shop is open and we'll be posting some store offerings on Instagram, check our Virtual Shop in our Highlights. If you see something you'd like to purchase that isn't on the website - DM us, call us, email us to purchase and we'll arrange no contact pick up or free shipping, whichever you prefer.

I know things feel heavy right now for all and honestly, many small businesses may not make it through this emergency. Please know we appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for shopping with us, sharing our Social Media posts, commenting and following us. You are keeping us afloat. Together we can show others the magic of snail mail.

Best, a.

2020 Letter Writing Meet Ups!

We love long distance warm fuzzies! Since 2004 it’s been our mission to encourage long distance warm fuzzies through snail mail. We believe in the magic of snail mail and that a long distance warm fuzzy can change someone’s day or maybe even their life.

outgoing meet up mail

We’re big believers in what you give, you get. Isn't it nice to spread goodwill, gratitude and a few warm fuzzies? One simple way to accomplish this is with a little snail mail. 💌 Cards shouldn't be just for birthdays or special occasions. Let someone know you’re thinking of them or thank them for the small little gesture that made a difference or touched you, maybe write to a friend sharing what you admire most about them.

Just a simple hello can change someone’s day for the better.

a. favorite design card wall

With that in mind, our Letter Writing Meet Ups are the perfect time to grab a card and let someone know you're thinking of them or thank them for being the amazing human they are. Sit with friends and neighbors, share warm fuzzies and maybe even a drink. Type a note, write a letter, send a postcard. We’ll have pens and typewriters on hand for you to use, we'll even cover postage. You can purchase our cards, stationery, postcards or bring your own. We’ll have pens and typewriters on hand for you to use. Plus it’s BYOB, relax with a glass of wine or beer, shop, write and enjoy. Come share the magic of snail mail with us and make someone's day!

Chicago everyday cards

stop by anytime the first Thursday of the month
5 pm to 7 pm-ish

a. favorite design
4432 N Kedzie Ave
Chicago, IL 60625

March 5                                 June 4                                  September 3
April 2                                    July 9 (2nd Thurs)         October 1
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Be part of our team!

Do you believe in the magic of snail mail?
Do people describe you as artistic and resourceful?
Do you live in Chicago?
Do you dream of working in a creative space?
If so, read on!

a. favorite design is looking for a part time (14-28 hours a week) helper with potential for more hours during the busy season. Fewer hours in June, July, August and December, almost full-time in January, March, April, September and October.
Below is a list of tasks we need help with:

folding & packaging cards
pulling orders
order fulfillment
shipping wholesale & retail orders
meeting shipment deadlines
quality control
maintain inventory supply

-assistant help-
return emails to customers & sales reps
entering orders in QuickBooks
writing thank you notes to stores
writing notes & mailing catalogs to stores
help maintain website & Faire 

We’re looking for someone who is ambitious, thoughtful, organized, self-starter, punctual, conscientious, efficient, flexible, pays attention to detail, has a sense of humor, loves BIG dogs, someone who is positive, can easily shift from task to task throughout the day and isn’t afraid to ask for help or offer suggestions if they see something that needs improvement. Would prefer someone with a creative background who is willing to brainstorm and talk through ideas. We would like a helper who can problem-solve and thinks projects through completely and efficiently. Ideal candidate would work two to four days a week, depending on workload and efficiency.

We know this is a BIG list for a part time person.
If you fit the bill and live in the Chicago area, please email your resume to: info(at)afavoritedesign(dot)com
No phone calls please.
We look forward to meeting you!