My New Co-Creators! (Kickstarter Shout Outs)

We successfully funded our Kickstarter Campaign. HOORAY! In case you missed it, we’re moving our letterpress shop to create a space we can offer community letterpress workshops, letter writing meet ups and greeting cards for every occasion.

We had 212 backers to help bring make this dream a reality. How amazing to collaborate with so many people who believe in the magic of snail mail! I’m filled with appreciation and motivation. Thank you all. Together we’re making Chicago a little more kind and a little more creative.

Here is the list of those magical collaborators:

If you missed our Kickstarter but still want to contribute and be rewarded with letterpress goodies, send us an email. We'll send you a paypal invoice and send your reward in October.

49% backed! 10 days to go!


We are so thankful for your contribution as we transition into our new studio space! We can't wait to meet our community of supporters in our workshops and storefront.

We have 23 rewards for pledges between $5-$2,533.

The more you pledge, the more limited (but awesome!) our reward!

Check these out:

With a pledge of $950, you get a letterpress party for 12 of your friends! Design, set up, and print your own coasters or posters, while enjoying beer and cheese in the comfort of our studio. Each guest will leave with a finished project. You (the donor) will also get a handwritten thank you, a paper airplane with your name in studio, and a web shout out.

With a pledge of $2,000, your reward is table top press naming rights! That's right, you get to name our new table top press, and we'll make it official with a custom plaque that will hang right above it! Plus, you'll get to attend a workshop of your choice, a VIP invitation to our opening party (tentative mid-October), a handwritten thank you note, a paper airplane with your name in our studio, and a web shout out.

With a pledge of $2,533, you'll get your VERY OWN printing press! Our 10" x 15" craftsman automatic printing press, Bennie, needs a new home where she will be regularly used and loved. She has an ok set of four rollers on her, comes with one chase and an extra set of roller cores. She also has the original manual, receipts, and paperwork from the previous owner. She has a bin of random parts and pieces, as well! (Freight is NOT included. Must pick up in Chicago, IL 60613 by September 20. We have a loading dock and a freight elevator.) You'll also get to attend one workshop of your choice, a VIP invite to our opening party, a handwritten thank you, a paper airplane displayed in studio, and a shout out on our website.

For more information and invest, please visit our Kickstarter campaign.

Great Start!

Our Kickstarter campaign launched and we're already going strong, hooray!

We are moving to a new space in September, one that will allow us to host letterpress workshops for our community, thank you note writing meet ups and also give us space to sell our cards. We are so excited for this new endeavor!

Will you help us out? For under $20, you can help make our dreams a reality.

If you pledge $5, we will give you a warm fuzzy, or a shout out on the interwebs to say, "thanks!"

If you pledge $10, your reward is air mail, A.K.A. a paper airplane with your name displayed in our new studio. You will also get a shout out on our website.

If you pledge $12, you will get a long distance warm fuzzy, which is a handwritten thank you note on a special letterpress printed "make dreams reality" note card. You will also get a shout out on our website and a paper airplane with your name displayed in our new studio.

If you pledge $17, your reward is a special "make dreams reality" good luck metal typer coin, in addition to the rewards above.

Check out our campaign for more details! We have 24 rewards for investments between $5-$2,533.

Thank you for supporting our small business!

Big Announcement!

EXTRA! EXTRA! We have a big announcement!

We are moving! Yes, you read that right. We love our loft space in the Ravenswood Corridor but it's time to move. Why? Because we want to meet our beautiful community and customers!

Our new home will be a first-floor storefront in the Albany Park neighborhood. This will allow us to offer community workshops, as well as have a small retail area filled with our goods and other letterpress artist goods, vintage finds, and stationery type products. Our main focus will be creating a community letterpress space and sharing our love of snail mail.

We just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help aid the process.

Read more about it and invest here.