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Are you a believer in the magic of snail mail?
Are you artistic and resourceful?
Are you conscientious?
Are living in Chicago?
Are you dreaming of working in a creative space?
If so, read on!

a. favorite design is looking for a part time (18-33 hours a week) helper with potential for more hours during the busy season. Fewer hours in June, July, and December, almost full-time in January, March, April, September and October.
Below is a list of tasks we need help with:

folding & packaging cards
pulling orders
order fulfillment
shipping wholesale & retail orders
meeting shipment deadlines
quality control
maintain inventory supply

-assistant help-
return emails to customers & sales reps
entering orders in QuickBooks
writing thank you notes to stores
writing notes & mailing catalogs to stores
help maintain website & Faire 

We’re looking for someone who is ambitious, thoughtful, organized, self-starter, punctual, conscientious, efficient, flexible, pays attention to detail, has a sense of humor, loves BIG dogs; someone who is positive, can easily shift from task to task throughout the day and isn’t afraid to ask for help or offer suggestions if they see something that needs improvement. Would prefer someone with a creative background who is willing to brainstorm and talk through ideas. We need a helper who can problem-solve and thinks projects through completely and efficiently. Ideal candidate would work two and a half to four days a week, depending on workload and efficiency. Experience with quality control, paper and crafting desired but not required.

This is a production helper position. You most likely won't be printing on a press (unless you have years of experience on a C+P). However, you may be trained and operating an industrial cutter and scorer, depending on skill set. If you're open to working a some retail hours in our cute brick + mortar, that's an option too.

We know this is a BIG list for a part time person.
If you fit the bill and live in the Chicago area, please email your resume and cover letter to: info(at)afavoritedesign(dot)com
No phone calls please.
We look forward to meeting you!

shopping small at one of a kind holiday show

Did you attend the 20th One of a Kind Holiday Show? If you didn't, you really should next year. The show had 400 artists and makers this year. In non-pandemic times they have about 600 artists. It's was an impressive mix of goods. Seriously. You could easily do all your shopping there. They had everything. I was fortunate to have a couple hours Friday and Sunday mornings to wander the aisles, talk to makers and shop for gifts. And boy did I! Gifts to give and several to keep. It's the largest retail show we've ever been part of. I saw an amazing variety of art, sculpture, home goods, pottery, beauty products, clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry, culinary delights, pens, and all price ranges too. It was impressive and a little overwhelming at first. Below is a roundup of the goodies I invested in. I also had some amazing trades with vendors. I'll do a separate post with those. Be sure to visit the artist page on the One of a Kind Holiday Show.


Left to Right, Top to Bottom
People's Garment Co. - these shirts are beautifully designed and based on forgotten history. I got my Mr. a "made in Chicago" shirt, he's the only person I know actually made in Chicago.
Soap Distillery - the best soaps based off everyone's favorite cocktails. I love taking baths on my day off and got the Tonic Mineral Salt Soak. It smells of woody citrus and relaxes me completely. My skin feels nourished for the entire week. Pure magic and the stuff bath time dreams are made of! You won't wanna leave the tub.
Katherine Anne Confections - I have a thing for caramel. I can't resist the buttery deliciousness. Every time I do an event with Katherine Anne Confections, I get caramels, this time was no different, except I also got truffles, drinking chocolate and cinnamon sugar marshmallows. Merry Christmas to me!
Yellowcake Shop - this dress is so damn flattering and feminine. I got it in black and am sure it will be a staple. It has pockets and I absolutely adore it! Check out their Chicago boutique on Western Avenue. Beautiful, flattering clothing in extended sizes!? Yes, please!

 one of a kind shopping

Left to Right, Top to Bottom
Dave's Coffee Cake - another vendor I can't resist! I buy Dave's triple cinnamon coffee cakes every, single time I see them. Seriously, they're perfect for family gatherings or Sunday brunch.
Six Point Pet - Every year Scooby-Doo gets a new Six Point Pet collar. He just looks so good in them. The Mr. prefers the Chicago flag but this year, I changed it up to a Chicago style hot dog - because he is truly a hot dog.
Transit Tees - I saw these Chicago dog socks and had to get them for my Mr. We visited Superdawg weekly during 2020, it was the only restaurant that works during a pandemic - an actual drive-in. While we cut back on our hot dog consumption this year, we still visit Superdawg monthly for the best dawgs in Chicago. A perfect stocking stuffer for Mr. Favorite.
Old Salt Merchants - I have foodie friends who love grilling. What a perfect gift - a Custom Sampler Gift Set of six delicious salts. I also got a Cocktail Kit Gift Set, which I'm very excited for my personal spirit guide (aka bartender) to make drinks with.

One of a Kind shopping

Left to Right
Bonnie Skincare - as mentioned before, I'm all about relaxing baths on days off. Cloud Bombs by Bonnie Skincare have become a staple. They slowly release the most dreamy scents while dissolving into a soft cloud on top of bath water. My skin feels amazing after and bonus - my tub isn't left slippery. Perfect for our long Midwest winters.
Lila Barn Clothing - this top is so incredibly soft and comfortable. I fell in love with the hand-dyed pattern and magical colors. Truly spellbinding and perfectly named - Witchy. Bergen insisted I try it on, I think she knew I couldn't resist. Once on, I didn't want to take it off! Each item in the Witchy Collection is hand-dyed and one of kind. Better hurry, they sell fast.

I had such a wonderful time shopping One of a Kind and meeting new artists, as well as catching up with old friends. What a great reentry to in-person shows. I got lots of gifts checked off my list and loved being part of the show. The artist page is still online, be sure to check it out for more amazing artists.

how to write a thank you note

The holidays are the perfect time of year to share gratitude. Whether it be for hosting you for dinner, a perfect (or maybe not-so-perfect gift), an errand, an unexpected visit or thoughtful act, a thank you note is always a good idea. Many of us have gotten out of the habit of writing thank you notes and might need a little refresher on the how to's. Below are the simple steps on how to write a thank you note.

First, the greeting.
This can be formal, informal or even friendly, it depends on the relationship with the person. Most likely you wouldn't use the same greeting for Great-Aunt Gladys as you would for your next door neighbor. Same goes for business relationships verses your friend. Examples below:
• Dear Great-Aunt Gladys,
• Dear Smith Family,
• Mr. & Mrs. Johnson,
• Jaime!

Next, your gratitude.
It's best to get straight to the point. Let the recipient know your thankful for the gift, kind words, thoughtful gesture, friendship or whatever. Be sure to mention exactly what it is your thankful for.
• Your gift of my favorite homemade cookies with recipe was perfect.
• Thank you for checking my mail while I was out of town.
• I appreciate you inviting us over for dinner.
• Thank you for listening to me go on and on about work.

Followed by, specifics.
While saying thank you is great, it's even better when you let them know how it affects you. Get into the specifics of why you're thankful. Perhaps you've been wanting that recipe for years. There's a reason you're appreciative for the gift, act or time spent, share that.
• I've enjoyed your holiday cookies since I was a kid and am thankful you shared the recipe so I can enjoy them with my family and friends too.
• I completely forgot to put my mail on hold while I was gone. I appreciate you taking the time to gather it for me.
• I appreciate getting to know you better and enjoyed the delicious food and drink.
• You are amazing and I love that I can always count on you. Your perspective has a way of helping me process.

Again, your gratitude.
Tie up the note with another thank you. It can be simple or flowery but state it again.
• I appreciate you sharing your recipe with me, thank you.
• Thank you, you put my mind at ease while away.
• Thank you.
• I appreciate you so much. Thank you.

End with a sign off.
Again, it can be formal, informal or friendly.
• With Love,
• Best,
• Many Thanks,
• xoxo,

It's best to send your thank you within a month. If it's later that's okay, still send it and consider adding a simple apology to start, "time has gotten away from me but..." or "I've been meaning to...".

Something else to consider, stationery. A card can make or break a message. My friend shared with me she was hired after she chose individual thank you cards for each person she spoke with at the firm. When they got together the following week to discuss candidates, her thank you notes were mentioned and everyone went back to their offices to get their cards to show. It became a thank you note show-and-tell! She obviously made an impression and got the job.

Basically, choose appropriate stationery for both the situation and recipient. Our f@$%ing amazing card may be perfect for your friend but not Great-Aunt Gladys.

Spend time crafting your message and even practice on scratch paper to make sure your spelling and wording are correct.

The best thank you notes are handwritten, to the point with your own wording and sentiment. That's it, simple and to the point. Now, stop procrastinating. Start writing!

warmest holiday wishes to you!

a. with best hidden gem award

friends, family, customers & collaborators,
as we wrap up the holiday season, i want to thank you so much for supporting my letterpress dream this year! i’m thankful for each and every purchase, kind word, like and share. you are the reason i can keep creating and selling my letterpress goods. this year has been a roller coaster but you stepped up to let me know, you too believe in the magic of snail mail.

thank you, my heart is full.

i hope you have some time to reflect on this year and take pride in how you showed up for all the small businesses and your community. we’re here because of you, every purchase you make is a vote for what businesses you want in your neighborhood, city and state. thanks for keeping us around.

warmest holiday wishes to you all! i hope you have a very healthy and happy 2022, here's hoping this is the year we all get it right.

-xo, a.

p.s. please note the brick & mortar will be closed friday, december 24th 2021 thru january 6th 2022. see you after the 6th!