we were on around town with ana belaval

printing with Ana Belavalembarrassing pic courtesy of The Scent Queens Candle Co.

On Friday, February 9th, the amazing Ana Belaval of Around Town - WGN morning news toured local businesses of Albany Park. If you're a Chicagoan, this is a pretty big deal. I've been watching Ana since her first week when she jumped in Lake Michigan after Larry told her she should, a moment that endeared all of Chicago to her. She has a big, playful, welcoming personality and doesn't back down from anything or anyone. And honestly, next to my job, she has THE BEST JOB in Chicago. I mean, every morning she gets to explore the city, showing the gorgeous people and places that make Chicago, well, CHICAGO. It's really magical, if you ask me.

Ana Belaval at a. favorite design

On Friday morning she started at our friends, The Scent Queens Candle Co. & Apothecary Shoppe, then visited Curtis and Andrew's other business It's Lit Studio. After that Ana and her team headed to our other neighborhood friends, Him + Her Vintage. Each business got to show their space and chat a bit about their space and business. We were the final stop on the tour and I was determined to do a print demo and a shop tour. That's a whole lot to cover in 2 minutes and 45 seconds but I'm happy to report I did it! As you can see from the top photo, I was very excited to show Ana how to letterpress print. She was a natural and I really don't remember being that dramatic but the photo shows otherwise. Have I mentioned what a BFD it is to have Ana Belaval visit?

Anyway, Ana and her team were lovely. They walked in ready to get to work and while getting acquainted with the shop, showered me with compliments. It was a pleasure to share my space and the magic of snail mail with them.

Ana Belaval at a. favorite design

Special thanks to our friends Curtis and Andrew of The Scent Queens Candle Co. & Apothecary Shoppe and It's Lit Studio who are the reason Ana visited Albany Park and who mentioned us as a place to visit during the segment. I appreciate you guys so much and am honored you chose us to represent Albany Park with you and Him + Her Vintage. You can watch all our segments here.

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