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corona typewriter at Him + Her Vintage

2024 is moving right along. January passed by in the blink of an eye, although I remember thinking the days felt long and the nights relaxing. February slipped away quite quickly and was filled with firsts for me. I was looking through pics and realized I haven't shared anything about our Love Thyself workshop with our friends The Scent Queens Candle Co. and Him + Her Vintage.

Guests writing love letters to themselves

On Sunday, February 11th, we gathered at Him + Her Vintage with eleven guests. I had spent the prior evening setting up my seven antique typewriters, wax seals, fancy pens, markers, washi tape and a selection of vintage and new paper. If you haven't seen Him + Her Vintage, their space is beautiful with sunlight streaming in through skylights and large front windows. They also have amazing wood floors, the most gorgeous original tin ceiling and giant farmhouse tables in the center. Each table has a curated selection of florals and decor. It's stunning, Myriam does custom tablescapes for each event. My typewriters fit in perfectly and looked very romantic being in such a stunning space. You can see in the pics the flowers and moss and all the beautiful details of each table.

guests writing self love letters


For the Love Thyself workshop, each guest got to create a set of custom tea cup candles, blend their own tea to sip and write a love letter to themselves. It was an afternoon of self love. I was very nervous for my part. It'd been since 2019 that I hosted any sort of workshop and it was my first time doing a workshop event in front of my business peers. I've not collaborated with others outside my own space nor have I taught anyone how to write a love letter to themselves. It was a day of many firsts for me. I of course know how to write a love letter and even created a love letter writing set. But a letter to yourself is a different kind of experience. I had thought through my process for a month and decided to lead a quick heart meditation before writing, this cultivates love and is perfect for setting the intention of writing a love note. My voice was very shaky at first but as I instructed our guests to put their hand on their hearts, I did the same and immediately felt more calm. After the heart breathing, I instructed everyone on how to write their letter. Guests used the typewriters, stationery, pens, tape and wax seals for their letters. I offered to mail the letters at a later date and all but one guest took me up on it. I recently mailed them to everyone, about a month after our event. This way, they would truly be an unexpected surprise in the mail. I definitely shared the magic of snail mail with our guests.

guests writing letters

The feedback I got from others was amazing. Several guests said they didn't realize how much they needed the exercise of writing a love letter to themselves. One guests mentioned he had no idea how much he had to tell himself. It made my heart full. Thanks to the eleven beautiful souls who shared the day with us! Thanks to Curtis and Andrew from The Scent Queens Candle Co., and a huge thanks to Myriam from Him + Her Vintage who invited me to collaborate. You all are the best and I'm excited to see what magic we can create together again.

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