rainbows everywhere

It's June! While we sell amazing rainbow and pride stationery all year, we like to create an LGBTQ+ Pride section every June. To me, it's important for every human to feel safe, seen and supported when they enter our space. We've got all the rainbow stationery goodies you didn't even know you needed, but soon will!
Pictured are just a few items that we're featuring this month. We have lots more in-store, stop by for a visit and see. We'll also have pride posters available later this month.

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
-Rainbow Lick & Stick Poster Stamps (no monetary value)
-Mighty Sharpener with 3 sharpening options
-Recycled Rainbow Pencils & Eraser set
-1.5" Prounoun Buttons
-I've Got a Few Notes notepad set
-Chicago Pride Sticker
-Whole Lotta Love Gel Pen Set
-Pride Love Lick & Stick Poster Stamps (no monetary value)
-Color Write Fountain Pen Set

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