teacher appreciation week

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Teacher Appreciation Week is Monday, May 8th thru Friday, May 12th 2023. I think we all have a story of one (or several) special teacher(s) who made a giant impact on our lives. They've literally help shape and mold our future with encouraging words and supportive feedback. I'm fortunate enough to have had a few of those teachers.

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Let's face it, teachers have huge responsibility. They spend more time with children than some parents. They're in charge of educating future citizen and impacting the future of our world. That's a pretty big deal. In spite of this ENORMOUS responsibility, they are often overlooked, underpaid and underappreciated. 

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While I think teachers should be honored daily, they get an official week. Teacher Appreciation Week is a chance to let the teachers in your life know, you truly appreciate them. We've got lots of great gifts to show your gratitude. Stationery, office supplies, self care journals and lots more. Stop in and see for yourself!

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Thanks to all the teachers out there that continue to show up no matter what. We appreciate you and the million, tiny and big things you do daily to nurture and teach students.

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  • Mark

    I encourage your words thought and I also wish to have a day for teachers where we appreciate their efforts. They are always looking forward to make out life easy and luxury. They educate us to become kind and careful person in life. I have a teacher who is not only my teacher but my friend also more than friend like a brother from other mother.

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