spring has arrived!

spring goodiesSpring has arrived... in-store that is. Not sure mother nature has gotten the message in Chicago yet BUT, in-store, it's all pastels and blooms, all the time. We've been getting in lots of goodies! I'll start with my preferred Easter basket. I mean, look at all that playful goodness in the above photo. It just makes me feel like a kid again!

Surprize Carrots would be sooooo cute in your Easter basket! Or for your place settings at Easter dinner. You open the paper carrot to reveal vintage toys, keepsakes and riddles. How fun is that? Cute and functional.

Make a wish capsules come in a variety of pastel colors and icon images. All letterpress printed. Write a wish on the paper in the capsule and carry it with you until your wish comes true.

sunprint kit and stickers

Sunprint kits are so much fun! Perfect for nature walks, play dates or when you're feeling creative. I love the idea of traveling with this mini set, imagine making a sunprint of seashells at the beach or of a favorite leaf or fern while out hiking. You can create a little keepsake with each print! We have these small kits, large kits and large paper refills. Each kit comes with an acrylic sheet and cyanotype paper.

Spring stickers! These cuties are colorful and freakin' adorable. Perfect for decorating Easter cards, Mayday baskets, notebook, water bottle, whatever.

surprize balls

Skip the Easter eggs, Surprize Balls are where it's at. Again, these would be cute in your Easter basket or for your place settings at Easter dinner. You unwind the paper ball and between the layers, you reveal vintage toys, keepsakes, a paper crown and riddles. So much fun.

 wind up butterfly

Magic Butterflies come in several pastel colors. You wind up, place in a card, book, journal or sketchbook and when it's opened, watch it fly. It's sure to brighten someone's day. Plus, you can use over and over.

Be sure to stop in and see all our spring goodies!
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