sauced night market

Sauced night market

Sauced Night Market is happening July 14 + 15 at the WNDR museum & we're thrilled! We'll be there on Saturday, July 15th but you should go both nights, it's that much fun. Our first market with them was last year and let me tell you, you don't wanna miss it. It's very high vibe filled with amazing makers, music and art. Oh! And drinks... Free drinks. Yup. You read that right. It's a blast. It's the only market I've done where attendees dance, literally there's an area in front the DJ booth. It truly feels like a party not just a market and I'm here for it. You'll love it too! It's free but you gotta RSVP, so get on it. Another bonus, Sauced finds the coolest spaces to host their market. You should probably come early and explore the WNDR Museum, it's pretty magical too.

July 14 + 15 (we'll be there 15th only)
5pm - 10pm
RSVP required
WNDR Museum • 1130 West Monroe Street • Chicago

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