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I've noticed many of my greatest ideas come out of nowhere. I typically brainstorm ideas for holidays or seasons. I have notebooks full of ideas, a lot of these come from sitting down and thinking…"birthdays…what reminds me of birthdays?" and spirals from there. Other ideas, my best ideas, come from nowhere. It's an amazing thing. I'll be busy printing, daydreaming, thinking about my shopping list or even washing my hair in the shower and BAM! The muse visits and blesses me with an idea. That idea usually evolves very quickly and won't stop until it's on paper. I'm happy to say that was the case with our new Holiday Helper: a helpful holiday organizer.


I was in the midst of finishing printing all my holiday card designs and suddenly, I was sketching ideas for a holiday organizer. I wanted it to include: planner pages for November, December and January, to-do list pages, notes pages for sketching or taping magazine or catalog clippings, fall and winter holidays for the next three years, helpful tips, card etiquette, greeting card lists, gift lists, tip list, donation list, baking list, party list, thank you note lists, resolution list, inspiring quotes, fun tid-bits, basically anything for the holiday season. Oh! And it had to be cute and usable for up to three years if you want. That was a tall order.


I started designing after a long day of printing. And had a final draft a week later. Again, this was during the holiday print crunch time so a week for a 32 page pocket planner was impressive. I researched who to partner with to create the perfect book. Almost immediately, I reached out to Scout Books in Portland. I had questions, as I always do, they were extremely helpful, kind and quick with their responses. I have purchased many of their books and we have quite a collection of the 33 beers journals designed by 33 books co. I knew their product and quality and trusted them. They didn’t disappoint! Honestly, Scout Books was a dream to work with. Their customer service is amazing. And their production department was even sweeter! I can't sing their praises enough. The books turned out perfectly. I'm excited to start sharing them you. I think they will make perfect little gifts that help you and your friends stay organized all season long. You'll be so organized, you may even have time for some caroling, making this year
the best holiday season yet!

Let me know what you think! I'd love to hear your thoughts about our new Holiday Helper!


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  • Lovey

    Love them – so far I’ve ordered a dozen! They make wonderful gifts.

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