Our Mission

Our mission at a. favorite design, inc. is to encourage long distance warm fuzzies through snail mail.

When I started a. favorite design, inc. as a part-time hobby in 2005, I didn't realize it would eventually grow into a real company. When I took the leap from part-time hobby to full-time passion I decided I needed a mission: a focus for my business & purpose for my designs.

Eleven years later, our mission still works. It's stood the test of time and test for me. And I have been tested. Most recently I had a sales rep explain to me how she sells anything with swearing on it and maybe I should consider designing cards like that. In the same breath she stated, "I know that's not you." It's not. Trends change and snark is a big, I mean a really BIG seller. It has been for a while and that's great. But not for me, snark doesn't fit into my mission or my purpose. I prefer to send warm fuzzies out in the world. I want people to feel joy, love and gratitude when they receive my cards. You know, warm & fuzzy all over.

I'm committed to my mission and honestly, I'm glad I wrote it. I didn't realize it would become such a touchstone for my business and me. But I’m grateful it has.

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