new in the shop!

I've been having lots of fun this summer finding new goods for the shop and getting ready for fourth quarter. Below are just a few of our new goods.

leo season newbies
leo season goodies

It's Leo season! That means it's your time to shine. To celebrate the season we have Astrology Card sets. These sets are beautifully designed and include 9 trading cards, 1 sticker and a charm. They make a great little gift! We also have some new Gelly Roll Gold Pens. Each pen has a main color mixed with gold. Very sparkly, very Leo. Astrology Flat Note Sets are designed and printed right here. These are letterpress printed with metallic ink and include deep v-envelopes, each set has six flat notes and envelopes.

Hellcats goods
Hellcats USA goodies

We also brought in some amazing, new goodies from Hellcats USA. I've been a huge fan of their's for quite some time. Their design aesthetic is classic and their sentiments cheeky, which I adore. How perfect are these stickers and pens? So damn, good. Their mood cards are so fun. I've always loved mood rings, eight balls, pretty much any fortune telling thing. They're credit card size and fit in your wallet, plus you can use the back to spin and see who will pick up the tab at dinner or drink. Brilliant!

Hellcats Goth Kid
Hellcats USA goodies

Here's a few more Hellcats USA goodies, perfect for any 90's goth kid, like me. Stickers, pens and mood cards... Yes! Please!

super cute stickers
new sticker sheets

We also got in THE CUTEST stickers! Itsy Bitsy sticker sheets are super cute and so tiny. We got a few styles to choose from: junk food, desserts, cats and puppies. Stickiville sticker sheets are adorable too! I'm partial to the snail mail set, of course. We also got lucky day stickers and some cute holiday stickers you'll see in a couple months. Stay tuned!

new a. favorite design get well cards
a. favorite design get well soon cards

We've had a lot of requests for get well cards. We listened! New in the store, four get well soon cards. Inspired by everyday items and letterpress printed right here in our Albany Park shop.

If you haven't been in the shop lately, stop in! We've got lots more new goodies not mentioned here.

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