national pencil day

pencil montage

did you know March 30th is National Pencil Day? now you do! we love pencils here at a. favorite design and think they should be celebrated every day. i have a lot of amazing pencils, some usable, some art, all very loved and appreciated. when i scroll through photos i see lots of pencil pics. some of my own pencils, some of found pencils in the wild. i wanted to share some of those photos here for you to enjoy too.

top row - lost pencil on my morning walk, No. 2 pencil fragrance by Catherine Haley Epstein, bigger dreams broken pencil but still in use

middle row - handmade notebook paper with pencil by Morse Creative, vintage a. favorite design pencils, No. 3 sculpture by S.Tudyk

bottom row - fresh skillful daydreamer pencils, No. 2 felted pencil by LeBrie Rich of PenFelt Studio, gifted pencil ends on a pencil pouch

do you have a favorite pencil? if so, please let me know. i love stationery supply stories of admiration.

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