it's election season!

i'm inspired by the upcoming election! one thing my dad instilled in me was the importance of voting. he was a Marine through and through. while he often questioned our leaders, he truly believed in democracy. our democracy and that our vote truly is our voice. i wish i could instill in every american that your voice and vote matter. i remember 1992, the first election i could vote, it was empowering, especially when my candidate won. 

vote buttons

to celebrate this election year i've been inspired to create a print and buttons. I'm hoping to expand to postcards and a John Lewis print very soon. stay tuned! in my experience, things have felt heavy since 2016. the struggles our country has faced the last four years have exhausted so many of us. many americans feel unrepresented, unheard and disregarded. times are tough. BUT, we get a chance to change that November 3, 2020. it's exciting! while neither candidate is perfect, i am hopeful. hopeful the elected candidate will listen to his constituents, be a true leader and protector of democracy. that, my friends, fills me with hope. a brighter future than our present

voice - vote print

remember - your voice and vote matter! if they didn't, leaders wouldn't be trying to suppress them. take part in democracy and VOTE! 

we're giving a portion of the quarterly sales from the above print to organizations fighting voter suppression and those standing up for social justice (League of Women Voters (LWV), American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)). we'll also be donating a portion of the button proceeds to the Illinois League of Women Voters.


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