Exclusive Eight Cardch Madness

exclusive eight
6th Annual Cardch Madness Exclusive Eight

What a week of Cardch Madness fun it has been! We've seen five of last year's Exclusive Eight return for the title this year. Amazing. We've also witnessed a couple upsets... Grad Cookie overtook last year's Fan Favorite Grad Folder. I guess people like cookies more than office supplies!?

baby match up - Sack won by one Instagram vote!

Another upset was Baby Sack. It was our sixth match up and I had no idea it would be so close, Baby Sack won by one instagram vote. Let's look at the stats: Baby Flash Card has been in our Cardch Madness since 2013, that same year it won Fan Favorite! Flash has also been an Exclusive Eight four times, Finale Four twice. I never would've picked Baby Sack to reign. Flash could have tied it but one voter submitted their vote a day late. Will Sack go all the way? You can help decide. Head over to our facebook & instagram pages to play along. Every vote gets you entered to win letterpress treats.

winner! winner!

our first 6th Annual Cardch Madness Winner!

And now...the moment you have all been waiting for, drum roll please...
our first round WINNERS! The below Cardch Madness voters have won letterpress treats! Thanks to everyone who has voted. You can still win by playing along! Visit us on facebook & instagram daily to vote.

Congrats to our Round One Winners!
Susy Tunis Abraham - facebook
Anne Leonardi Lubke - facebook
caitfurger - instagram
flowersandgarbage - instagram
John Girton - facebook
sayrojean - instagram
nitneyrae - instagram
Diane Leonardi - facebook

Winners, send us your snail mail address by Direct Message on FB or IG or via email info(at)afavoritedesign(dot)com

Thanks for playing!

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