moon phasing & star gazing

moon goodies available at a. favorite design

celestial goodies available at a. favorite design

Are you a stargazer? Do you love to gaze at the moon? Are you the friend that always points out a visible planet in the sky? Or maybe you're into astrology? What about moon phases? If any or all of this is familiar, October is the perfect month to look up and buckle up, it's Eclipse Season! October 14th, we'll experience an Annular Solar Eclipse, October 21st-22nd Orionids Meteor Shower is predicted to peak and October 28th full Hunter’s Moon with Partial Lunar Eclipse. In much of the USA, the Annular Solar Eclipse will be visible, just make sure to use proper protective eyeware. Sadly, the partial Lunar Eclipse won't be visible in the USA but I'm certain we'll all be feeling the energy. With all the magic in the October sky, I thought it'd be fun to do a little shop roundup. We have so many cute moon and celestial inspired goods in the shop, here are a few of my favs.

Image left to right, top to bottom
top right - be wild moon child gel pen set
top far right - moon phase notepad
center - moon study journal
center right - wish paper
bottom left - let's call it a phase letterpress card
bottom left - mini crystal wish jar
bottom right - moon phase washi tape

All are available in our Kedzie storefront. Stop by and celebrate the magic of the moon.

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