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Friends, I know we are all feeling a little dizzy from this roller coaster of a year. It’s comforting that we’re coming together as communities to help each other, creating handmade signs to offer hope to one another, children are decorating our sidewalks with encouragement, being conscientious and social distancing not just for ourselves but for the more vulnerable. This is what's happening and it's inspiring to see fellow humans come to the aid of others. I'm humbled daily by the stories of our Healthcare workers, first-responders, Police, grocery store clerks, delivery drivers, postal carriers, sanitation workers, people on the front lines still working for the betterment of our society and just generally kind people doing small but impactful things for the comfort of others.

During this time, many of us may struggle with a sense of purpose or if what we're doing matters. I believe it does matter. Whatever you're doing right now matters. Things that seemed trivial a couple months ago are important. Saying hi to neighbors, calling mom, sending a note to co-worker or friend, these connections are important. We want to help you stay connected to friends and family while social distancing.

For the month of April, or as long as Chicago's Shelter in Place, we'd like to help you, if we can.

• Use code TOGETHER for domestic free shipping on our website
• We're also offering no contact pick up if you need a card in a hurry
If you need us to mail a card direct, we will!
  forgot a birthday? no worries! purchase a card, add your sentiment and the
  mailing address in the "notes," section at check-out & we'll write and mail for you
• missing our brick & mortar shop?
  follow us on Instagram, shop our Virtual Shop in highlights

I miss all our amazing customers and hope to see you all soon! For now, stay safe. Stay home. Stay healthy. Together we'll get through this.

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