Scrap pads

Printing of any kind creates waste. We here at a. favorite design are committed to recycling, reducing & reusing. While we recycle all of our excess paper from cutting, we often reuse misprinted cards, make ready sheets and other prints that are just too pretty to pulverize into new paper just yet.

One of our most common reuse projects is making scrap pads, tiny notepads created entirely of printed scraps. We use them around the shop & when we have a good amount, send them to customers with orders.

Sure, it takes time to collate stacks of misprints that are all the same size, pad them with compound, cut them down and finally separate them into cute little pads, but it's worth it. Who doesn't love giving a new life to something that would otherwise be thrown in the recycle bin? Each little pad is eco-conscious & includes about 30 sheets of our most beautiful make-ready scraps. 

Got an idea for our pretty scraps? Let us know! 


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