Letterpress Inspiration Boston Style

Last week I had the pleasure of vacation & it was perfect. While away I visited a few stores (it can’t all be play), ate lots of amazing food, drank delicious local beer, saw a game at the oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball, climbed several mountains, watched sunrise from a mountain top, watched sunset from the side of a mountain & enjoyed the full moon eclipse on the beach. The entire trip was inspiring.
 coasters from ICOB

Our first stop was Boston. What a fun city! Tom & I filled our whirlwind visit with as much history, sightseeing, walking & food that we could handle. Thanks to Carrie of Holmes Handmade for Kids & Laurie of Two Trick Pony, we were able to plan the must-sees. One suggested dinner spot was Island Creek Oyster Bar. Not only was their food delicious but also their printed pieces have a vintage ephemera look that’s stunning. I was smitten. The drink menu had a letterpress printed red pressboard cover. Their daily menu was also beautiful; each was individually letterpress numbered & date stamped in red. Tiny details that made this ephemera girl swoon. Their coaters also crush-worthy: well designed, two color with heavy letterpress print coverage (not an easy feat), tight registration (also not easy), heavy type mixed with tiny type (again, difficult) corner rounded & neon edge paint! Stunning. If I lived closer, ICOB & I could really be friends.

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