For the Love of Leo

It's August! That means the final days of summer vacation as well as the end to Leo on the zodiac calendar. I happen to be a Leo and this year I had a couple requests for gift ideas. That question always leads me to Etsy. I never have a problem there finding items that are handmade with care or vintage goodies; both of which I adore. Below are just a few of my August themed favs.

from top left: 
The Old Time Junk Shop – Lions Head Antique Notary Stamp // Julie Nolan Jewelry – Leo Constellation Cuff Bracelet //  pack & post – Night Sky Unused Postage // studio formood - Green Tourmaline & Gold Earrings // a. favorite design - Letterpress Leo Greeting Card // Unics – Rough Peridot Ring // Wyoming Vintage – 1940's Zodiac Perpetual Calendar // Rustic Moon – Leather Fringed Shoulder Bag// Encore Print Society – Leo Minor Zodiac Map

Be sure to visit Unics on Etsy. Susana is graciously offering a. favorite design blog readers 15% off any item! Use code UNICSAUGUST.

Click to see my ever growing list of items I love on Etsy.



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