The Love of Notebook Paper

June is a big month for me. Not only is it flag day (a.k.a. Mr. a. favorite design's birthday), it's also my mom's birthday, father's day and is filled with many friend's & acquaintances’ birthdays, more than any other month, in fact. Naturally, I spend a lot of time shopping for gifts many weeks before & all month long. On more then one occasion this has led me to obsess about notebook paper products. I found some amazing gifts and I can't help notice they pair perfectly with my notebook paper cards! 

from top left: 
{for}everly jewelry – Notebook Paper Earrings // Cyberoptix – Notebook Paper Necktie //  Thatch and Thistle Supply co. – Notebook Washi Tape // pi'lo - Lined Paper Pillow Cover // a. favorite design - letterpress notebook paper birthday card // dirtsa studio – White Lined “Paper” Towel // Montclair Made – Monogrammed Zipper Pouch // Just Wish – Notebook Paper Socks // Mango Tree Ceramics – Notebook Page Ceramic Necklace

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