A Chicago Classic

I love Chicago. Seriously. It's absolutely magical. And unless you've experienced it, it's hard to explain. But I'll try... I think Chicago is filled with the friendliest people and greatest food. Not to mention we have Barack Obama, an amazing lakefront, beautiful architecture, grand museums, culturally rich neighborhoods, lollapalooza, pitchfork, a magical skyline & bridges that smell like chocolate. Not bad for the third largest city in the U.S.

One Chicago classic I enjoy visiting is Superdawg. It's a drive-in, that serves THE best Chicago Dog in town (I can say that now that Hot Dougs is gone). It's been at the corner of Devon and Milwaukee since 1948 and not much has changed. It's perfect! What's not to love with the vintage graphics, menu, drive-in speakers, bright neon, amazing vintage style packaging, perfect typography & delicious hotdogs?

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