Mother's Day Inspiration From Old Faithful

In 1995 I visited my first National Park, Yosemite. It was absolutely amazing. I remember feeling the complete awe of Mother Nature. Honestly, it was life changing. I went back to my small town with wide eyes and a desire to experience as many National Parks as possible.

Tom & I at Glacier National ParkTom & I at Glacier National Park

I'm very fortunate as my partner in crime (Tom) encourages my park love. Recently we've made it a goal to visit a National Park every year. It makes me giddy just thinking about it.

Serigraph Yellowstone Poster

Another passion of mine is design, especially graphic design. I adore vintage posters, the designs are simple but still hold up. The Work Projects Administration (WPA) Posters of the 1930's-1940's combine my love of National Parks and amazing graphic design.


Old Faithful Doodle

While brainstorming spring cards I kept thinking of National Parks and started doodling. Then I listed some of the characteristics of Old Faithful and quickly realize Mom shares those same qualities. I knew I had to make a card. I looked at lots of WPA posters and photos of Old Faithful. It was fun to design.

Letterpress Mother's Day Card
Old Faithful Inspired Letterpress Mother's Day Card

Printing it was a whole other issue. I seem to always challenge myself with letterpress printing. The ideal letterpress print designs are type based with some lines or detail and not too tight registration. Large solid areas are bet suited for silkscreen. Tight registration is best suited for digital or offset. I tend to almost always have tight registration and/or large, heavy ink coverage in my designs. I joke, "I love a challenge" which is a little true but printing tight registration or heavy ink coverage can be very frustrating and extremely time consuming. I designed this card with both tight registration and heavy coverage... did I mention I love a challenge? To help with the tight registration I added a white line to the design so there could be a little forgiveness when printing. Despite both challenges, it turned out great. And my wholesale clients agree! The cards are selling well. You can get yours here.


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