chicago el pencil set


like most chicagoans, i think chicago is the greatest city ever. this includes are transportation. i've traveled to many cities and taken public transportation and gotten lost a lot. sure it's a great way to explore but not really ideal. chicago's train system is intuitive. like its people, it just works. this pencil set is inspired by the trains, which are identified more by the color than the destination. for example, i live off the brownline. my college was off the red line. if i'm going to the airport i'm on the blue line or orange line. it just makes sense.

the details

    • engraved No. 2 pencils
    • one of each:
      red - howard/95th
      blue  - o-hare/forest park
      green - harlem/ashland 63rd
      purple - linden/howard
      orange - midway/loop
      pink - cermak/loop
      brown - kimball/loop
      yellow - skokie swift