Times flies when you’re designing, printing & playing!

lollapalooza sunset

It’s already mid-August. MID-AUGUST. I’ve been having an amazing summer filled with flea-markets, concerts, beer gardens, skee-league, rooftop dining, many outdoor bbq’s with friends, lollapalooza, a trip to Michigan and several Cubs games. It has been a true Chicago summer (sigh…with a dreamy smile). Perfect in every possible way.

piles of paper to print

Behind the scenes I’ve been hustling. Hard. June flew by in a blink and July was filled with lots of design days. We have a rep showing at NY Now this weekend and she needs new product to peddle, including Valentine’s. No joke…Valentine’s. During crazy, hot July I was busy dreaming & scheming of valentine’s. I’m not gonna lie, it was hard to get in the mood when it was 90° in the shade and friends were going out to play. Like always, I found a way to buckle down & make happen. I made it through! And quite successfully, I love my new designs.

conversation heart tower

Look at this beautiful tower of supercute conversation hearts I created. So cute and colorful! You’re gonna love them. Stay tuned for more on all our newbies!

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