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a. favorite design on stationery store daya. favorite design before opening on Stationery Store Day

You guys. We had an amazing Stationery Store Day! Thanks to everyone who came out, shared our posts and supported us. You all are what makes our little slice of Kedzie Ave magical. It was so wonderful to see you all and chat stationery. My most favorite part of the day was watching friends come in and shop together. I loved hearing them discover the perfect card or gift or pen in our shop and share their enthusiasm with their friend. So great. Thank you.

Stationery Store Day postcardStationery Store Day postcard

The moment we opened our doors at 11am, people poured in. We had special SSD themed goods for purchases at $20, $30 and $50. We were out of stickers ($30) within an hour, totes ($50) within 2 hours and postcards ($20) shortly after.

letterpress type form for Stationery Store Dayletterpress type form for Stationery Store Day

We busted out our tabletop press for everyone to try their hand at printing. Which was fun, but also a little challenging. Turns our I'm used to printing on a larger press, think 10"x15" vs. 5"x7", which created some issues. What started as a cute and clever 5"x7" mini print ended up being one line of type. Whoops.

not so great print from tabletop pressnot so great letterpress print from tabletop press

I forgot that tabletop presses don't quite have the printing capabilities as full size presses. Thankfully, our friend and letterpress royalty, Jen from Starshaped Press was shopping with us and asked if I needed an assist. Poor Jen, I imagine she wished she could just shop in peace! She had us all printing in no time. I may still be fussing with the form and printing pressure had she not saved me.

Stationery print from tabletop pressedited letterpress print for tabletop press

Another fun and delicious perk of SSD was mom's homemade envelope cookies. They matched our neon blue envelope sign perfectly. Super cute!

mom's cute envelope cookiesmom's cute envelope cookies

It was truly a great day! I'm so thankful Kristina Burkey of Calliope Paperie for creating Stationery Store Day. We're already thinking of ideas for next year. Be sure to save the date - Saturday, August 5 2023. If you missed it and want to see what a great celebration it was, search #stationerystoreday and check it out. 


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