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Letterpress printing is a craft. It takes patience; attention and I find it very relaxing, almost meditative. I print on an antique platen press. Every piece of paper is fed through the press by hand, one color at a time. Each print really is a labor of love, its time consuming and meditative and magical. The last three years I've gotten into podcasts while printing. I've always listened to the NPR classics, This American Life, Radiolab and Fresh Air but I quickly had listened to all the episodes, and many more than once.

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Every couple months I subscribe to a new podcast and binge. When I first discover a podcast I prefer to listen to them in order from oldest to newest and often three to six episodes a day. There's lots of time to listen while printing and I print a lot. Once I've binged I decide whether to subscribe or not. Not-new-to-me podcasts I now listen to on a weekly basis, although, I'm always searching for a binge worthy podcast.

I thought I would share a few of my favorites. Keep in mind, I subscribe to dozens of really great podcasts and eventually I hope to share them all but this is just a little intro to my podcast world. I'll start with three.

         Reply all

  1. Reply All – this show discusses anything having to do with the internet.
    But really it's so much more. They had me from the very first episode. I'm still smitten. I hate to admit it but initially I found PJ naïve & borderline annoying. This season has certainly changed my mind. PJ is much more thoughtful, well-spoken and professional then I first thought. Sorry PJ for wrongfully judging, you've won me over.

          death sex and money

  1. Death, Sex and Money – this podcast is" about the big questions and hard choices that are often left out of polite conversation."
    I discovered this one after listening to an interview with Anna Sale on After the Jump. Such a great show. Anna is a skillful interviewer, each episode feels like you're listening to a natural, intimate talk between friends.

         revisionist history

  1. Revisionist HistoryMalcolm Gladwell revisits and reinterprets the past.
    I've listened to many interviews and talks with Malcolm Gladwell. I always enjoy hearing his perspective and findings. When I found out he had a podcast I was excited and rightfully so, it's amazing! He helped me realize I'm a Cézanne.

Give them a listen. You won't be disappointed.

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