Meet CoCo!

Today I'm continuing our introduction to a. favorite design's newest additions! A.K.A. my amazing partners in crime, the people that help make the dream work.

This week we have CoCo. She's been helping for a little over a month now. Every week I grow more and more fond of her. She works hard, picks up new tasks quickly, and is just frickin' adorable. Seriously. Her style, wit and attitude are endearing. She's one of those people you just want to be around. If I had to choose one word to describe CoCo it would be Open. Her openness to all things reminds me to embrace change; something I've struggled with most of my life. Her flexibility is teaching me attitude is the most important factor to all things. The more open and receptive, the better the experience. How lucky am I to have such a wise co-conspirator by my side?! She's also crazy talented. You can check out here work here.

Without further ado, meet CoCo, you're gonna love her too...

CoCo and Ruby

name? CoCo Schramel

how’d you hear about a. favorite design? Briar Press (a letterpress community website)

what attracted you to afd? The letterpress aspect of it and the beautiful, cool, quirky designs.

when did you start helping out? January 3rd, 2018

what do you do at afd? I do mostly production and shipping work

what do you do when your not at afd? I paint and cook a lot. I love working with my hands and exploring new places around the city with my boyfriend Mike.

do you have hobbies? Many. Painting, printmaking, movie watching, collecting terrariums and succulents.

have you picked up any new skills since being at afd? Yes! I have learned how to successfully type on a typewriter. I have also learned how to score cards, and package and ship via UPS, DHL, USPS, etc.

what’s your favorite part about afd? The atmosphere and work environment. It is such a pleasant and comforting place to walk into each morning. I love hearing the sounds of the printing press, typewriter, and flowy music that is always playing.

what’s your least favorite part? I honestly don’t have one.

do you have any pets? Yes, a toy poodle named Ruby and a bearded dragon named Merlin (they do not get along), both of whom live in New Orleans with my parents.

any pets you’d love to have but don’t? I would love to have my own dog here eventually and a chameleon.

do you believe in spirit animals? Yes I do.

if so, what’s yours? I would say it’s a octopus

left or right brained? I am definitely right brained.

introvert or extrovert? A combination of both, but more of an introvert.

if money were no object & you could do anything, what would you do first? Take a trip to Japan and eat a lot of fancy omakase meals.

title (either given or taken)? Creative

sign? Leo

3 places you've lived? California, New Orleans, New York, Chicago

favorite place you lived? My favorite place will always be New Orleans because it is where I grew up and where my family lives. Chicago is growing on me though, the past 5 months that I have been living here have been magical.

favorite color? green

radio stations you listen to? Portugal the man, James Taylor, and White Stripes Pandora radio

favorite number? 25

magazine subscriptions? Bon appetite, Food and Wine, New York Magazine

nicknames? Cokes, Gumby, bunny

superpower you would like? To be able to fly

hopes, dreams & wishes? To get my name out there more as an artist, not to be famous per say, but to be recognized. I would also love to run and own my own business one day!

personal credo? Don’t sweat the small stuff.

anything else you'd like to say? Get your ink on

Isn't she amazing? Thanks CoCo, I'm thankful you're here.

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