Sometimes Showing up has to be Enough

So it's February. FEBRUARY. This blog has been MIA since October. Which might have been acceptable had I mentioned I was taking a hiatus before just abandoning it. However, I didn't. Instead I got busy, when that happens, I get incredible tunnel vision. I focus on the task at hand and have a bad habit of ignoring everything else until it becomes an issue and needs my attention too. I know this about myself yet every fourth quarter I continue to do it.

post-it set 2016 goals

When I'm finally ready to bring balance back to my work and revisit projects, I put an incredible amount of pressure on myself to make it great. Perhaps to make up for time lost? I'm not sure. But… here I am. It's February and I have no mind-blowing post. Instead, I'm showing up. I'm here and I'm committing to writing my blog again. Getting started is hard but like always, I have a ton of ideas and I’m excited to share. I realize there's been an awkward silence for a couple months. I wanted to address that before diving in. So please stay tuned… I'm showing up and choosing to do the work.

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