It's not personal. It's just business.

Have you heard those words before? Or even said them? "It's not personal. It's just business.", makes me cringe. As a business owner I have both heard and said the same statement. I remember the moment clearly and how I hated those words coming from my mouth & immediately regretted it. Sure it sounds like a valid response or even excuse but it can feel like a punch in the gut.

Take just a few seconds to think about what it has taken for a small business owner to get to where they are. In most cases endless hours of dreaming, scheming, sweat, maybe some blood & certainly a lot of tears. Owning a business does not come easy. It is both an emotional as well as financial roller coaster, especially in the beginning. Entrepreneurship is not for the weak. It can become a 24/7 obsession. Even when you aren't working, you often are thinking about some aspect of your business. Why am I sharing this? Not to scare you off or discourage you from your dream of owning your own business. Rather because I've been telling myself this exact statement lately; it's not's just business.

See, I'm an overly sensitive, creative type. The kind of person that easily attaches meaning to objects & becomes emotionally attached, especially to my own work. I find it very hard to let go and it's not a good thing when it comes to business but I'm trying to be better. My first major step toward letting go this year came a little over a month ago. I had a heart-to-heart with one of my sales reps who suggested I discontinue quite a few items. She had very valid points & gave me lots of food for thought. After running reports, I could clearly see she was right & which items were slow movers. Not even I can argue emotions vs. facts but honestly, it was a little painful, no one wants to let go of their design babies. I know, I know, letting go of things that don't serve you is all part of success and growth but it still stings a little.

All this being said, I'm discontinuing over 120 cards from our line and that's a hefty list. However, I'm changing my perspective and thinking about how I release new cards every quarter & have done so for ten years. It only makes sense I should be discontinuing cards quarterly too. So be sure to check out our last call section, we're running a HUGE sale while supplies last. Plus, you'll be helping to make room form some exciting newbies. Just like the section title, it's last call, i won't be reprinting so get 'em while you can.

add your thoughts?