That Time of Year

A.mazing Letterpress Hero Illustration by Michelle Eatough

Every year we all get a chance to start over. A little reset. Take stock in what we’ve accomplished, where we’ve been, what mistakes we’ve made & how we thrived or suffered through it all. Most people consider January 1st their new year. While I do set intentions during that time, my actual take-stock moments happen now. I have a birthday this week and every year I can’t help but ask, “What have I done? Am I better now than when I began? What’s next? What is my purpose?” These are heavy questions that in past years have weighed on me to the point of discouragement and even mild depression. My character includes; people pleasing, sensitive, creative, generous, driven & intuitive. This can be a delicate cocktail of emotions & reactions. I feel like I’ve learned how to navigate it all but only recently. It's taken me a few decades, but hey, it’s progress. This year I’m feeling okay with all my take stock answers, very hopeful for the future even. I have really grown mentally & maybe even spiritually in the last year. I’ve been practicing mindfulness, which has been slowly teaching me patience with others but more importantly, myself. I’m still processing whether it's been a good thing for my business as I’m realizing I don’t react to the pressure quite as quickly or over-correct, (which can be a good thing), like I once did. However, I’m listening to my gut more, which hasn’t led me astray yet. I’m looking forward to the coming year and focusing more on body as I feel I’ve neglected it during my mind & spiritual growth. This will be a year focusing on finally getting my Kluge up & running. And all those notebooks full of ideas and products for a. favorite design are coming to the forefront. I’m spending more time dreaming & scheming like I did before smart phones. I've also recognized social media isn’t really my friend & therefore have given up the self-sabotaging hours spent perusing Facebook. Things are looking bright, I’m embracing the unpredictably & turning it into creative possibilities. Stay tuned for the transformations... I’m excited to see what the next year brings!

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