Card Wall Takeover at Stumble & Relish

I was asked by my friends at stumble & relish to takeover their card wall for August. I jumped at the generous offer. I mean how often does a designer get to choose which products a store has on hand AND set them up exactly how you envisioned!?!

Jaime, who owns the store with her mom, asked if I'd do a display in the window too. I've known Jaime for about 15 years and know she loves color, texture & has an amazing eye for detail. I had to come up with something memorable & storefront window worthy. I had an idea of creating a post office box (like the one's on the corner) out of my letterpress card scraps. I would then hang envelopes from the ceiling & scatter the area around the box with envelopes, product & a U.S. Mail bag i scored at a rummage sale. To tie it all together I would made a giant envelope cling for the wall.

I schemed & sketched for a couple weeks but was still unsure if the mailbox would work. I started building it the Friday, three days before installation. There were a few hiccups on the way but with the help of lots of adhesives I finally finished it Monday afternoon. I'm happy to say it worked! I think it turned out pretty cute.

As a backup plan I spent much of my Sunday creating a very long paper chain from scraps. It also turned out pretty cute. And it came in handy. I ended up decorating the wall leading to my card takeover with it.

I brought my amazing, antique, art deco card cabinet to help display cards. If you haven't seen it in person, you really should. It's in great shape and has the original light up sign on top. It's quite stunning. I scored it at the Randolph Street Market here in Chicago.

You can check everything out in person at stumble & relish!
Since our mission is to encourage long distance warm fuzzies through snail mail, stumble & relish is motivating all you snail mail fans with discounts on our cards. The more you buy, the more you save!
3 cards for $12
6 cards for $23
12 cards for $44
Hurry! Offers are only good for the month of August, then the letterpress mailbox & a. favorite design card wall we be gone.

stumble & relish * 1310 a chicago ave * evanston, il 60201



  • Lovey

    What an awesome idea! It turned out so cute – colorful and very eye catching – great job a.favorite!!

  • Kim v

    So awesome!

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