Lost Sketches

My Mr. recently cleaned out our garage. While cleaning he found a large box marked "studio". I had no idea it was even in our garage until he brought it to me. I decided to sort through it piece by piece and see if any of it was worth saving. We've lived in our current home for almost five years & I figured whatever was in there was most likely meant for projects five years ago. There were quite a few of those items; old Rolling Stone Magazines, Xerox copies for Gocco printing, piles of security lined envelopes, cool, old, empty six-packs. But there were a few gems. Like the very first, rough sketches of an a. favorite design logo.

When I saw these sketches, it filled me with nostalgia. I thought back to ten years ago what a big deal it was for me to change my name & therefore, my business identity. At the time I was doing mostly freelance graphic design work and some handmade cards & journals under the name Ag47. AG happened to be my initials, and also the symbol for the 47th element, silver. I loved the logo & identity I created for myself and was struggling with the idea of changing my business name. Plus I had always thought I would be a feminist who would never-ever change her name. Ever. Then I met a handsome & thoughtful man named Thomas R. Favorite. I mean, F A V O R I T E . . . How often do get a chance to trade up to such a name? Needless to say my never-ever turned into yes, of course. a. favorite design came shortly after my personal name change. Funny how we make our minds up way before all the options have even been presented to us. The older I get the fewer nevers I say.

Also... here's the final logo I created. You'll notice it wasn't a part of the first round sketches.



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