Show of Hands 2014

Several years ago I decided to stop participating in retail shows. Instead, I would focus my energy on wholesaling. This was a pretty big decision but I decided I needed to take some time, especially around the holidays to sit back and actually enjoy the season. And it’s been wonderful! Sure, I missed the extra cash but time to bake cookies, decorate my home, attend parties & not be exhausted the morning after in a cold gym for 8 hours the next day peddling my goods has certainly been worth it.

Last year my no more retail shows motto was challenged. I received an email from Emily of Orange Beautiful asking me to be a part of a new show she was putting together, Show of Hands. I was reluctant initially and explained my motto. Emily then shared her passion of curating an amazing group of professional artists, designers & craftspeople in the Ravenswood neighborhood (same as my studio). It was scheduled for the weekend before Thanksgiving, which happens to be before my hustle & bustle of the season. If you’ve ever visited Emily’s shop or blog you know she has impeccable taste. Her passion was contagious & I knew she had what it took to put together a successful show, so I agreed.

It was honestly, like no other show I had ever done. The quality of vendors was fantastic! I was even able to get some holiday shopping done myself. And the aisles were large, in a beautiful (& warm) space. Even during the busiest times you could move through the space comfortably while shopping. I’m honored to say, this year I am again part of Show of Hands. You should visit me & 59 of my independent artist, designer & craftspeople friends. After all, wouldn’t you like to invest in a few craftspeople dreams this holiday, while shopping some of the best, most creative, local handmade items? Happy Holidays, we hope to see you there!

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