We're open! Mask up, wash your hands and come shop!

The time has come for us to open our doors again. Yay! During this New Abnormal we have some rules to keep you and us all healthy. If you can't (or won't) comply please shop a. favorite design. Please note our new hours 11am to 5pm-ish Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We may add more hours but we're starting here. 

Thank you for all your support this year. 2020 has surprised and horrified us. We're grateful for each dollar spent with our little shop. This is a truly grueling time on all beings, mentally, physically and financially. While we'd like to think sending love to one another through the mail is essential, we know it's not. Which makes us especially happy when you choose us. You have a choice where to invest your money. Right now those choices are determining the future. What you invest in today is a vote for what you'd like to be around tomorrow. Your purchases are an investment into our future and yours. The big box stores and giant-online-monopoly-deliver-to-your-door-in-hours guys will always be here. Trust me. They are thriving while small businesses are struggling. So thank you for your support and helping us exist another day. You guys are the best!

Also... Mask up, wash your hands and come shop! We're open!


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