Great Start!

Our Kickstarter campaign launched and we're already going strong, hooray!

We are moving to a new space in September, one that will allow us to host letterpress workshops for our community, thank you note writing meet ups and also give us space to sell our cards. We are so excited for this new endeavor!

Will you help us out? For under $20, you can help make our dreams a reality.

If you pledge $5, we will give you a warm fuzzy, or a shout out on the interwebs to say, "thanks!"

If you pledge $10, your reward is air mail, A.K.A. a paper airplane with your name displayed in our new studio. You will also get a shout out on our website.

If you pledge $12, you will get a long distance warm fuzzy, which is a handwritten thank you note on a special letterpress printed "make dreams reality" note card. You will also get a shout out on our website and a paper airplane with your name displayed in our new studio.

If you pledge $17, your reward is a special "make dreams reality" good luck metal typer coin, in addition to the rewards above.

Check out our campaign for more details! We have 24 rewards for investments between $5-$2,533.

Thank you for supporting our small business!

Big Announcement!

EXTRA! EXTRA! We have a big announcement!

We are moving! Yes, you read that right. We love our loft space in the Ravenswood Corridor but it's time to move. Why? Because we want to meet our beautiful community and customers!

Our new home will be a first-floor storefront in the Albany Park neighborhood. This will allow us to offer community workshops, as well as have a small retail area filled with our goods and other letterpress artist goods, vintage finds, and stationery type products. Our main focus will be creating a community letterpress space and sharing our love of snail mail.

We just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help aid the process.

Read more about it and invest here.

Beach Vacation Daydreams

It's February. Which honestly feels like the longest month of the year in the Midwest despite what the calendar says. Most years there is a giant snowstorm in February, followed by subzero temperatures and ridiculously frigid wind chills. It’s winter’s last hurrah & she leaves with vengeance. Chicago is typically a frozen tundra all month long. This time of year always gets me daydreaming of vacation. Especially beach vacations, which I’m very fortunate, my Mr. and I try to schedule once a year. While daydreaming of vacation I visited Etsy. I never have a problem finding items that are handmade with care or vintage goodies; both of which I adore. Below are just a few of my Beach Vacation themed favs.

Vacation Dreaming on Etsy

From top Left: 
Greena Organics – Double Duty Body Bar – Sunscreen & Nourishment // Twininas – Lace up Boho Leather Sandals //  korpita – Quirky House Key West Print // Nautical North – Florida Keys Wood Chart // Cocomutz – No Top Palm Frond Hat // Goofy Moose – Green Florida Sea Glass Earrings // Robert Paris – Capt. Tony’s Saloon Original Watercolor // Curio Boxx – Vintage Florida Map Glasses // Ivy Chilly – Family Size Hammock

Be sure to visit Twininas on Etsy. Maria is graciously offering a. favorite design blog readers 10% off! Use code TWININASFAVORITE

Click to see my ever growing list of items I love on Etsy.

Please note: All artist have given a. favorite design, inc. permission to use their photo for this blog post only. If you wish to use these images you must ask permission directly from the artist. Thanks for understanding.