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You. Guys. I've been working behind the scenes with our favorite website collaborators Aeolidia. If you remember way back in 2014 we launched our first Aeolidia website. I loved that website so much we've been using it up until yesterday! Read that statement again... I used the same website since 2014. Nine years with tech based anything is ridiculous. However, I loved the website that much. A lot has changed since 2014, especially with shopify, google and email providers. Google has gotten more and more advance and my lack of updating actually was hurting us with google, we were put in "google jail" for price discrepancies due to offering wholesale and retail on the same web page. We tried for many months to solve this issue on our own, then with web freelancers, all with no avail. It was a mess and any business owner knows, it's hard to thrive without google on your side. So this website update was a must-do. Tom reminded me of this weekly for about 18 months until finally I put him in charge of finding a website redo under $8,000. He reached out to Aeolidia first and scheduled a meeting. To my surprise, they could work with our budget. Hooray! We already had worked with them and knew how great and easy they are to work with. Plus, Sam, their director of operations, still works there ten years later, that says a lot to me about a company.

In Tom's mind, since I already had a website, it would be a simple project and I wouldn't have to do a thing. He's so cute isn't he?! Of course, that wasn't the reality. While yes, Aeolidia did the general design and created a homepage for us, it was up to us to apply the design to all the other pages of the website. Seems simple, right? I'm not really a digital person, in fact I work with antique printing presses and equipment daily. So. Yeah. I guess I'm kinda a luddite. It was a lot more work than I had anticipated. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy it or it wasn't fun, I love designing, but it was also a lot of hours fretting over details and relearning shopify and Impulse, which I had never created in before. Have I mentioned how much shopify has changed? It was a lot. Our website in a week turned into website in six weeks. Ugh. But, guess what? It's done! And it's lovely, so please take a look, check it out. If you see anything that is a little off, please let me know. And if you write us a good review on yelp or google, you may even end up on our homepage!

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