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Bike the North Branch
Image courtesy of North Branch Works

July 29th, 2023 North Branch Works is hosting their Bike the North Branch. This year they're partnering with North River Commission and visiting Albany Park. I'm happy to report a. favorite design is on the route! We'll be welcoming in riders and sharing our love of letterpress with a printing demo. Each attendee will have the opportunity to pull a print that I'll typeset and lock up that day. What better way to commemorate the annual Bike the North Branch? Get your tickets here. Tickets for the bike tour are $25. All proceeds support our mission, listed below. I'll see you there!

a. favorite design print shopa. favorite design print shop

If you aren't familiar with North Branch Work, their mission is to strengthen local businesses and the creation of high-quality jobs for Chicago residents. I feel this is a mission worthy of every Chicagoan's support. They are a a membership-supported nonprofit neighborhood organization that for 40 years has promoted balanced, job-creating economic development along the North Branch of the Chicago River.

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