holiday helper


on sale! originally $8. now $4.
ever notice how the holidays sneak up on you? one day you’re decorating for halloween & the next you’re making resolutions. it’s a magical time of year...and a busy one. we want to help keep you organized and focused all season long. this little helper has been designed to keep your holiday agendas, shopping lists, card lists, tip list & all things holiday organized in your pocket. everything in one place, so you can see at a glance what needs to be done & when. you’ll find columns for you to either check items off or write dates to help track years of holiday tipping, card mailings and gift giving.

the details

  • 3.5" x 5"
  • offset printed in the USA
  • chipboard cover stock
  • includes red rubber closure to secure loose photos, invitations, post-its, print outs, etc.
  • 32 printed inside pages
  • each section starts with a cute tid-bit
  • each section ends with a quote
  • dates to remember & holiday tips
  • november, december & january pages
  • 3-to-do & note pages
  • card etiquette
  • 5-card list pages
  • 4-gift list pages
  • tip list
  • donation list
  • baking list
  • party list
  • 2-thank you note pages
  • resolution page