small business month!

holy cow!

what a year 2020 has been. i don't think any of us were prepared for this year. everything looks and feels difficult this year. that includes small business saturday, historically our biggest sales day of the year. in compliance with the cdc guidelines to allow social distancing, we have limited capacity, which makes hosting a small business saturday event challenging, to say the least. our number one priority is for everyone to remain safe and healthy. we've been brainstorming ideas of how to make sure anyone who wants to, can shop with us on small business saturday. 

so we thought, instead of focusing on just the one saturday after thanksgiving, let's open it up to the entire month of november. yay! to help you shop small during a pandemic holiday season, we're taking the idea of small business saturday and expanding it to last all November! we didn't want our customers to have to wait 'til after thanksgiving to start shopping and supporting your local card shop. after all, we turned 16 this year and can't think of a better way to celebrate than to share some love with our customers. so stay tuned because every week in november we'll be offering 16% off in-store promotions. it's gonna be amazing, and we'll highlight a specific category each week. you guys deserve an entire month of specials and we're happy to help. 

below is a sneak peek of what will be on sale this month, follow us on Instagram @afavoritedesign to see when!

- calendars & planners
- pens 
- greeting cards 
- journals 
- ornaments 
- gift wrap 

shop early! shop local! shop often!

pivoting during a pandemic


How Covid made us adjust our marketing strategy and pivot to focus on a new customer segment. 

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it's election season!

i'm inspired by the upcoming election! one thing my dad instilled in me was the importance of voting. he was a Marine through and through. while he often questioned our leaders, he truly believed in democracy. our democracy and that our vote truly is our voice. i wish i could instill in every american that your voice and vote matter. i remember 1992, the first election i could vote, it was empowering, especially when my candidate won. 

vote buttons

to celebrate this election year i've been inspired to create a print and buttons. I'm hoping to expand to postcards and a John Lewis print very soon. stay tuned! in my experience, things have felt heavy since 2016. the struggles our country has faced the last four years have exhausted so many of us. many americans feel unrepresented, unheard and disregarded. times are tough. BUT, we get a chance to change that November 3, 2020. it's exciting! while neither candidate is perfect, i am hopeful. hopeful the elected candidate will listen to his constituents, be a true leader and protector of democracy. that, my friends, fills me with hope. a brighter future than our present

voice - vote print

remember - your voice and vote matter! if they didn't, leaders wouldn't be trying to suppress them. take part in democracy and VOTE! 

we're giving a portion of the quarterly sales from the above print to organizations fighting voter suppression and those standing up for social justice (League of Women Voters (LWV), American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)). we'll also be donating a portion of the button proceeds to the Illinois League of Women Voters.


We're open! Mask up, wash your hands and come shop!

The time has come for us to open our doors again. Yay! During this New Abnormal we have some rules to keep you and us all healthy. If you can't (or won't) comply please shop a. favorite design. Please note our new hours 11am to 5pm-ish Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We may add more hours but we're starting here. 

Thank you for all your support this year. 2020 has surprised and horrified us. We're grateful for each dollar spent with our little shop. This is a truly grueling time on all beings, mentally, physically and financially. While we'd like to think sending love to one another through the mail is essential, we know it's not. Which makes us especially happy when you choose us. You have a choice where to invest your money. Right now those choices are determining the future. What you invest in today is a vote for what you'd like to be around tomorrow. Your purchases are an investment into our future and yours. The big box stores and giant-online-monopoly-deliver-to-your-door-in-hours guys will always be here. Trust me. They are thriving while small businesses are struggling. So thank you for your support and helping us exist another day. You guys are the best!

Also... Mask up, wash your hands and come shop! We're open!